Friday, 10 December 2021

Masters Progress

Having been enrolled on the Masters course at Brighton now for coming up to three months I thought I'd share some of the work I have been making as part of my recent series.

I knew before I even started the course I wanted to make work about water in some form and I must admit, I've waded through about fifteen million bad ideas and about three good ones before arriving at some sort of starting point for this project.

The ongoing idea is to make work that ties documentary aesthetics to visually poetic readings of the journey of a course of water through the landscape. Specifically, I wanted to make reference to the continuous pollution incidents occurring what feels like every week by Southern Water. Even more specifically following the major sewage leak this summer which saw entire beaches closed off to the public.

As a resident of Hastings & St. Leonards for over ten years I am embedded within the community. It's having kids that does it. But for me, it gets personal when a multi billion pound company that charges every household within that community extortionate amounts of money to treat their waste water which they then don't correctly treat and instead pump out into the rivers and streams which flow directly out to our beautiful ocean - that to me is a project worthy of exploration. It is a voice that should be heard, an unseen that should be seen.

Here is a selection of works in progress that highlight the utility's pathway across the landscape, and the inevitable resting ground it ends up at. The picturesque and romantic space of human activity spoiled by human activity elsewhere.

When I think back to when I first started this blog in 2012 I smile - if you'd have told me I'd go from shooting fashion events to shooting drains I'd have laughed at you, but here we are. I take a meticulous care and attention to my work now in a way I never did before. I select the technology that's best suited to the work I'm making and I work when it feels right to work, not when I feel I should work. 

The pictures above were made with a variety of camera tech, from 35mm to medium format, all with a 50mm lens equivalent. For me, it was also important to try and find a way to show what couldn't be seen - the actual pollution itself. To achieve this, I took a small sample of the water at each site following a pollution incident, and I used it to hand process the films with - essentially embedding the pollution within the images.

The print forms are yet to materialise, but I intend on using the water to make the prints with as well.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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