Monday, 23 September 2019

September Reflection

I'm pretty sure I have no idea where the last year has gone and it's suddenly dawned on me that everyone in the world is now officially younger than me (I'm serious, I don't know "older" people anymore); but as September draws to a close & the start of a new academic year begins I decided to sit down & have a little time to reflect over the last twelve months of my professional development. 

On the 7th September, I had the honour of shooting the photographs and capturing the magic at the wedding of Scott & Sara, a fun-loving couple that I met back in twenty sixteen when they moved into the same building as me. 

The scene for the whole day was a venue quite local to me; Manor Barn in the Old Town Quarters of Bexhill in East Sussex. I'd only visited the site once previously; back in June to do a recce of the building and it's surrounds, but on a personal level I was really impressed with the venue on the whole & the level of service from the staff on site.

The day started out cloudy and the threat of rain during the main part of the day was high on the weather forecast, however, while driving to Sara's house that morning I could see the sun shining brightly behind the clouds and had a feeling we were going to be OK.

I was really lucky to work with Scott & Sara. The main reason being that they were so laid back and down to earth about the whole wedding day, even though it could have easily been planned & organised by a bridezilla when I considered how much care & attention to detail had gone in, from the hand made table centre-pieces to the hair & make up of the bride and her bridesmaids. It was in every sense of the word, a traditional wedding, but the couple's good sense of humour and relaxed attitudes made it possible for me to try out a range of new creative shots I hadn't had the skills or confidence to pull off before.

I used the Canon EOS 5D MK III for the duration of the day and alternated between a 24-55mm zoom, a 16-24mm wide angle & a 70-200mm telephoto lens. I had the added benefit of a Canon Speed-lite which came in very handy for some of the creative shots and particularly when the clouds came over. To achieve some of the shots shown above, I focused on shooting in aperture priority and played between a shallow or a wide depth of field. I ran all the final images through the edit suite in Adobe Light room and just made small adjustments to the contrast and vibrancy, ensuring the white balance was correct and cropping and straightening any photographs that needed it.

I also had the extreme luxury of a second shooter for this wedding which is not something I have ever done before. I think it was a huge success to have a second person with a camera for a multitude of reasons; the main one being that they can come in at all the angles that I myself as a single shooter can't get to. It's the secondary shots that I'd love to take as well as my priority shots and am usually completely unable to that made the album I presented to this couple that much more appealing. It is also always incredibly comforting to know there is a back up camera on site in case of any dramas with the one I'm shooting on.

As I wrap up, I'll point you all over to my professional website; where you can find more images from this special day under the wedding gallery, and also check out some more of my work over the last year, including some personal projects and my first studio maternity shoot. As I enter into the second year of my bachelors degree I will attempt to keep the blog more up to date with continuing work, and I look forward to embarking on new challenges over the next few months. Stay tuned!


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