Monday, 17 April 2017


I completely appreciate how late to the party I am when it comes to Birchbox. However, I can thank my darling friend Ciara for getting me on board with it after I visited her up North for the first time last week and she explained the concept and shared some of her products with me. I then arrived home a few days later to discover Ciara had gifted me with my very first Birchbox and a three month subscription :)

Here is my April box, for anyone else who doesn't subscribe or has less of a clue about what is going on than I do:

To start off, one of the major plus points about ordering from Birchbox is that the products come in an attractive box, and there is a different design each month. Apparently some similar companies send products without this little add-on, so it's a nice touch. Ciara has so many Birchbox boxes that she has glued them together to make a little set of storage drawers for her bathroom. I love that.

Birchbox offers five products (some sample sized and some full sized) for £10 a month plus £2.95 p&p per month. Each month has a theme and a note from the editor, followed by a full list of product descriptions and how to use them along side the RRP for the full sized item.

First up, a sample size of Baija Paris Creme Moana nourishing lotion. Use just a little and it provides immediate relief from dry skin on the body. Aside from the tube design, the other benefits of this product include the non oily finish on skin and the soft floral smell. It also contains coconut oil, and I for one am a huge fan of anything that contains coconut oil.

Next two; a sample size of Polaar Ice Pure scrub. Although neither the instructions nor the bottle actually specify if this is a body or a face scrub the instructions do mention to avoid the eye contour area, so I'm guessing it can be used on the face. This product smells amazing. It contains tiny exfoliating particles and an ingredient called Arctic Cotton which is apparently known for it's moisturizing properties; always nice when you are exfoliating to avoid feeling like you've scrubbed your skin raw.

The sample size Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream I am mega excited about. Being that I have recently aged beyond my twenties and I am obsessed with aging beyond my twenties, I have actually purchased my weight in anything containing Hyaluronic Acid, a proven anti-aging ingredient. This product contains Hyaluronic acid, and as a sucker for well known brands I'm big into this product. Smells amazing, feels amazing. I should invest in a thesaurus but you get the idea.

Two full sized products! First a bronzer/highlighter duo, by Manna Kadar Cosmetics which can be used as such or as an eye shadow combo. I fully intend to do both, just as soon as I've brushed up on my "How to do bronzer/highlighter" you tube tutorials and can be sure I know what the hell I am doing. 

The ModelCo Eye Define Crayon Liner is pretty much everything I could ask for in an eyeliner. The pencil is one that you wind up so no sharpening required and it glides onto skin rather than pulling or dragging against the skin. It is also water resistant - perfect.

So that's the April Birchbox summed up, if you like what you see you can sign up here. Now I already can't wait for the next one to arrive. I have the best friends xoxo
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