Saturday, 23 July 2016

So I really should have posted this about two months ago, when the event actually happened, but life kind of got in the way as usual and I totally forgot. Back in November I wrote about the launch of the new wedding venue at Herons Park. This has now seen it's very first wedding - of course it had to be the faces behind the project - Hannah & Liam King themselves - and I had the very great honour of being the one to shoot it.

So minus a few equipment technicalities and a strong but steady wind, the day was beautiful. Having known Liam since I was twelve years old I was so happy to stand there with him at the alter and snap the photos of his blushing bride walking down the aisle. 

One thing Hannah said to me back in January when we originally met for the brief was that she is obsessed and in love with her beloved Sky, a gorgeous Golden Retriever, who she would very much like featured in one way or another in one of the photos. Cue me, laying down on the floor with my assistant whistling for Sky to come away from Hannah and sit nicely in the foreground for me when what happens? Literally, the best thing ever. She snatched Hannah's bouquet in her mouth and ran off with her prize towards my assistant in an excited blur and the result? Well, I think Hannah got exactly what she wanted.


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