Saturday, 23 April 2016

How To Be Posh When You're Poor

I've been on maternity leave for a whopping seven months now. Time really does fly when you're having fun. And changing nappies. Personally I have loved being a "stay at home mum"; of all the jobs I have ever had this is by far my favourite.

The downside? The hours are quite long and the pay leaves a lot to be desired. However, not one to let money be a deciding factor in my happiness or general plans, I decided to host "Afternoon Tea" with two of my old work colleagues on Tuesday of this week and I was pretty darned pleased with the result.

Not working forty hours a week (plus the inevitable ten hours worth of rush hour traffic) opens up the door to a whole new world I never knew existed - mainly hanging out with other stay at home mums and talking about things I never knew would make good conversation (normally sleep, baby poo and the pains of labour and childbirth), but also learning to appreciate life on a budget. Afternoon Tea with two friends a year ago at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne? £32 a head. Afternoon Tea at Casa di Sophie with two friends (and two little people)? £6.50 per head.

Here's what it looked like:

Saucer Crackers - The pièce de résistance. Because if this doesn't scream sophistication and high class then what on earth does?

As my friends were driving anyway, we pretended with champagne flutes of my fave sparkling soft drink. That went down a treat after the copious amounts of Illy & hot chocolate.

After it was over and everyone had gone home, I tidied up and sat down and eyed up the bottle of Prosecco Ann had brought with her to congratulate me on having pushed a baby out into the world. I caved in without too much persuasion and sat down with a glass and listened to my raison d'être- Ole Blue Eyes. I watched the sun set over the park from my first floor window view. This really was a very good, very daydreamy-New York apartment-posh day.

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