Thursday, 11 December 2014

White Christmas

It's really no secret that my favourite colour is white. I'm not even sure that white technically classes as a colour, but I don't even care. I. Am. Obsessed.
It seems that the intensity of my love for this colour has grown over the last six months and I have spent every spare penny I have on furnishing my home with as much white, off white and cream as I can get my hands on. 
Without meaning to, I have transformed my place into a kind of Parisian Palace; everything has a clean, fresh and slightly shabby-chic vibe to it. When looked at individually, the things I bought appeared to have no place or partner to match with in my home. But when viewed collectively, everything has fallen into place in such a way that the mis-matched pieces of furniture, varying hues of white and little touches of vintage glamour seem to compliment each other and tell a little story of a life I'm not sure I've lived yet.

So much is my joy of all things white and rustic, I have sourced a few of my favourite things out there on the high street this winter to share with you.

After years of telling myself white bedding was a silly idea (copious amounts of coffee drinking and endless nights of failing to remove make-up), I have finally succumbed to the lure of a fresh, crisp white bed. I recently invested in a feather and down duvet, and coupled with a beautiful white bed set my bed has become my new favourite place in the world. Not that it wasn't before, but, you know. 

I'm not usually a candle fan, but I do believe if you're going to do something, you should do it well. Cue good riddance to an endless supply of tacky paraffin wax candles that leave black marks on your (white) walls and make you feel a little light headed from the overwhelming sickly smell (we've all been there), and welcome in luxury organic candles. I'm not going to lie; they're not cheap. But the price you pay for one of these natural wax candles is more than outweighed by the benefits; a clean burning flame with natural properties and scents proven to relax and calm without overpowering smells or toxins released into your home. The wax also burns evenly and the burn time is longer which ultimately gives value for money. My favourite brand for organics is Neom, but if anybody else out there is stuck on where to look, I'd definitely recommend Jo Malone for some of the nicest looking and smelling candles I've seen on the market.

duvet set pictured; from £45 for a double, The White Company
candle picture; Vanilla & Anise Home Candle by Jo Malone, £40
all lanterns; The Hanging Lantern Company prices from around £2.50
vintage Parisian clock; £22.99, The Range
underbed storage basket;  £15, Laura Ashley 
wooden love letters; £2.99, Dunelm Mill

That clock is going on my wall soon, the perfect statement piece on blank walls.

I am a girl who stands by a good old fashioned dressing table. And I'm not saying that you should necessarily have an old fashioned dressing table, but if there's one place vintage, shabby-chic furniture looks at home, it's the bedroom. I have one not dissimilar to this one, but thanks to good old ebay, I probably didn't pay anywhere near as much as some of the beautiful and bespoke pieces you find in furniture stores. And I'm yet to find a decent stool to go with it; sadly this beaut from Laura Ashley comes as a pacakage deal and therefore a mismatched beech chair with a white (sun-damaged) cushion on it will have to do for me for now. Le Sigh.

Going along the 'Is everything expensive or am I just poor?' line, one thing I've always wanted is a real sheepskin rug. Fluffy, white, soft....Why are these things so darned expensive? I also want a real cow-hide rug for my living room, dyed zebra-print, but until Santa comes round with a big sack of money to fill my stocking with I have settled for a fluffy faux fur rug for the bedroom and a zebra print rug for the living room. We can but dream.

sheep skin rug; £129, and bedset (various £'s) Dunelm Mill
dressing table; Laura Ashley
candle; Tranquility by Neom, £45
metal hanging heart, wicker heart, butterfly; all Dunelm Mill
christmas hanging lantern; The Hanging Lantern Company

I have found that with white furnishings, the key to not letting things look too 'clinical' is to add warmth with wood, wicker and other textures such as fluffy pillows, throws or rugs in beiges, creams or off-whites. As with anything, everything in moderation is key. I'm trying to remember this mantra and it is proving difficult, but I guess I've found that with this theme, it doesn't matter if everything matches or not; it all adds to the vintage and slightly rustic charm. I'll never stop loving white though, it's a 'colour' I hope never goes out of fashion.


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