Monday, 12 May 2014

Clarins overload part 2

As usual my resistance when it comes to Clarins is non-existent, especially when they have such amazing offers on. At the moment if you buy any two full sized products then you can take home four free products from a selection including moisturisers, exfoliators and refiners. 
Back in October I tried the body lotion for the first time and was so impressed, I decided to use two of my free products on it! It smells so clean and fresh and makes my skin really smooth and soft; so mostly what you want from a moisturiser but without the heavy, stickiness that can be left behind when using other heavily perfumed products. The body exfoliators and gentle facial refiner are both good bathroom staples so I grabbed those as well.

But the thing I really want to talk about is this:

Since starting my new job as cabin crew I had found that the air conditioning in both the training rooms and the aeroplanes was causing my skin to over compensate, making me look constantly like a shining beacon of light. I decided to get hold of really good quality face powder and although I wouldn't normally buy my make up from Clarins I decided to give this one a bash and I am uber glad I did.
I've had it on good authority that pressed powders should be avoided, as the oils used the keep the powder together can affect the foundation on your face, so I went for a loose powder and this stuff is like talc. Using a brush, I apply a little over my make up everyday and far from ageing my skin or making me look like a dried up old bag it feels silky smooth and I am genuinely happy with how long it lasts. I've had ten hour days up the air and not had to re-apply this gold dust once, and my skin remains resolutely shine free. 
Once again, well done Clarins.


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