Friday, 4 October 2013

Clarins Overload

Haven't had a Clarins splurge in quite a while and decided to stock up my beauty cabinet before winter sets in and I start feeling the stresses of the cold weather on my skin.

I have to be honest, there really is no better time to fill your boots on your favourite beauty brand than when they have a give-away going on. Some of these products were a gift with purchase, and you could also find a similar sort of give-away on the Clarins website this Autumn.

I had a slight moment of panic back in the spring when news on the grapevine was that my favourite moisturiser, HydraQuench Lotion, was to be discontinued. However, my fears were allayed when summer arrived and with it came the re-launch of the SOS hydration treatment. Personally, I can't really tell the difference, and am guessing it was just a chance for Clarins to modify the packaging slightly, as they have with the boxes of all the other products. However, I 'aint complaining, it's back in my beauty cabinet and therefore I am happy.

The Gentle Foaming Cleanser has been the lifesaver to my acne-prone skin for the last five years and now I don't know how I'd live without it. However, I could live without the ever increasing price. This used to be a mere £14 when I first started buying it in 2009. VAT increase aside, this has now gone up to a whopping £18 per bottle which brings it almost into unafford-ability territory, but I said that about petrol when it up past a pound a litre and I'm still buying that.

As for the rest, the HydraQuench Cream-Mask is a glorious treat for the face once a week and the Moisture Rich Body Lotion is great for everyday use. I've yet to sample some of the give-away items and perhaps I'll find them much of a muchness, but for me Clarins really is a superior brand and there's been few products in the range that I haven't got on well with so I'm sure I wont be disappointed.

Happy weekend people - TGIF!


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