Monday, 8 July 2013

Hotter, Younger, Cooler...

The intrigue of seeing this logo about town, on Instagram and Facebook over the last couple of weeks spiked my interest enough to go down to the launch party on Thursday night. I wanted to know; what is HYC and am I it? 

My friend Britainy Rae, a former London-based events planner and exhibition curator, has collaborated with her friend Katei Rose, a fashion designer with her own label 'KR' to bring the HYC brand to Rye, East Sussex much to the interest of the locals.

I was really pleasantly surprised with the whole concept. The 'Hotter, Younger, Cooler' boutique offers a real injection of pop culture and couture to a town distinctly lacking in exactly that. Don't get me wrong, Rye is beautiful and the main thing that makes it unique is that it doesn't hold host to your average high street stores or  franchises, but my first impression of the boutique situated by the Landgate was that it actually wouldn't look out of place in Hastings Old Town, or the Brighton Laines. 

With over twenty five designers, HYC has been beautifully merchandised and presents a mixture of up and coming London designers with local artisans and customised denims and t-shirts. Britainy herself is inspired by nineties prints (who can blame her) and the boutique is filled from floor to ceiling with vintage goodies and treasures making it feel as much like an Aladdin's cave as a children's toy shop.

The leather handbags (a personal fave) are all designed by Katei Rose and are all uniquely lined in chintz, while the T-shirts and customised denims were created by Britainy.

With the ladies and men's apparel retailing around twenty pounds a piece, the prices are affordable, but be warned you will be lucky if you can just walk out with a pretty dress. The high ticket items are largely the vintage pieces of furniture, and the stunning jewellery designed by Milena Kovanovic (pictured below) which also currently sells in Libertys.
The beauty of HYC is that the girls have cleverly taken advantage of all the local talent. They are offering an outlet for friends family alike to show off their handmade cushions, their vintage furniture, or their photography skills with framed prints of the local area. It really does show how lucky we locals are to live in such a unique little corner of the world, as proven by the amount of international tourists who holiday here every single year.
Pictured; Katei Rose (left) and Britainy Rae.
Pictured; Britainy and I
The HYC pop-up shop is set to be in Rye for around three months, when the girls will decide on a more permanent location to set up. And now I know what it's all about, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who are HYC than me, but hit it up, see what you think. 


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