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Hastings College of Arts & Technology  has always been an institute that I've held quite close to my heart, not because I studied there, but because my brother studied there. Being that there is quite an age gap between my brother and I, I remember being little more than a twelve year old when I discovered his world at this college while he was studying for his BTEC Diploma in fashion design. He was preparing his final collection for his end of year catwalk show in the summer of 1999, and I had volunteered to be one of his models on the catwalk. Skipping school was all part of the fun for me, and I spent the best part of a week at the college with him practising the choreography, trying on the outfits, and more importantly, meeting all the other budding young fashion designers. They were among some of the most interesting people I'd ever met, and as a twelve year old, some of the coolest too. Naturally I thought everything they said, did, or created was wonderful. 

Fourteen years later, I found a friend at work who used to be the head of the art department at the college. In recent years the college was moved to a new location on Station Plaza, and is a really modern piece of architecture. It has improved the landscape of the Plaza tenfold, and I was both intrigued and excited when my friend invited me along to view the work of the students who were nearing the end of their course as my brother was, all those years ago. This was their showcase, so you'd expect a pretty good standard of work but I was absolutely astounded at just how high that standard was when I arrived there on Friday night. This wasn't just a kid idolising the every move of a bunch of seventeen and eighteen year olds, this was a twenty something woman who couldn't believe the raw talent of kids 10 years younger than her. And I was so pleased that was the case.

Natasha Nugent, Fda Fashion Design; 'Restrained Restriction'

Both Above; Kerry Blackford, Fda fashion design; 'Nature's Making'

Amelia Thompson, Fda Fashion Design; 'Composed Decomposition'

Sam Lewis (pictured), Extended Level 3 Diploma, Fashion & Clothing; 'The Lion King'

Rose Lewandowski, Fda Fashion Design; 'Su, un Po'di Fantasia'

Fair to say that from the selection of photo's I snapped above that all the students here have produced truly excellent work, my absolute personal favourites that could've drawn tears to my eyes at the thought that I can't buy these things (yet) were Kerry Blackford's 'Nature's Making' collection, which was conceptualised by the idea of mother nature fusing with attitude through the medium of dress. Inspired and invigorated by the fairy folk and the environment where they dwell, as described by Kerry-this whole collection was right up my street. The other collection that in my opinion wouldn't look out of place on the runway at London Fashion Week was Rose Lewandowski's collection above; 'Su, un Po'di Fantasia' which translates exactly to 'Come on, a little imagination'...Well first of all; the snake skin shorts and the faux fur gilet....get on me now. 

I wish all the students the very best of luck in the future and thank you for bringing back some very happy memories for me. One thing I should mention is that my brother having graduated from this college fourteen years ago is now designing football kits for Nike in The Netherlands. So quite frankly, I think you'd be a fool not to watch this space, you could be looking at some of the next big names in fashion.


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  1. Hi there Sophie!

    I just wanted to leave you a comment to say thank you for you lovely words regarding my work!

    It is very inspiring and motivating to hear feedback about your work!

    Carry on doing a beautiful job on here!

    All the best,

    Kerry Blackford


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