Friday, 12 April 2013

One of the biggest sources of inspiration in my life has been and always will be my older brother Sean. Without wanting to start getting too sentimental about that, it is fair to say that I have never been able to help myself seeking his approval whenever I do anything, or stop looking up to him. He is my family, my rock, my precedent against which to set all other men's standards by, and above all; my best friend.

Sean is a football kit designer working with Nike based in Hilversum, The Netherlands, so not only is he in one of the coolest industries in the world, but he also lives within spitting distance of my absolute favourite place on earth-Amsterdam. Eurgh.
The reason I find him so inspiring is because he's not a victim of life, and doesn't sit around waiting for the mountain to come to him. If he wants something, he goes out and makes it happen-the most notable thing I think of which is obvious-pursuing his childhood dream and becoming a football kit designer no matter what it took. He recently adopted a rather nice philosophy for life which I believe has been with him since he was a lot younger, and it's message has resounded in any conversation I've ever had with him about my worries in life (usually career related) and it was this simple expression: "Never Give Up".  Last summer, Sean actually decided to have his raison d'etre tattooed on his right arm, in Latin, as a permanent reminder of this simple, logical, yet inspiring motto. 

The other week, my brother sent me this picture of himself with his fianceé Yvonne, explaining that Nike took it and have hung it proudly in the staff canteen on the Hilversum site. I think it says everything I could think of to possibly say about these guys.

So when I received a three-month scan picture on my phone on Monday saying "Hello Auntie Sophie!" I quite literally burst into happy tears.

Congratulations to both of them, and I hope they've prepared plenty of space for all the STUFF I'm gonna buy this baby. Seriously. 

Heart so full of love,



  1. Sweetest post I've read in ages - was lovely to read. xxx

    1. Thank you Thalia, that is nice to know :) X


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