Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I was just going through some photographs on my laptop (which is on the fritz and due to implode any day now..) and came across a few that were taken on my twenty-sixth birthday at the end of November. My Fiancé had to attend a course in Cardiff for the weekend but luckily for me, all three of my wonderful bridesmaids came round my house to help me celebrate and I just wanted to give them a huge great shout out for being such amazing friends to me. Katie came all the way from her home town of Bridgewater, driving some hundred odd miles to see me, Sarah booked the whole weekend off her busy teaching schedule and brought round a huge bottle of my favourite tipple, and Gemma arranged a babysitter for her three week old baby girl just so that she could spend the night with me. I felt utterly blessed and realised I really do have the best friends a girl could ask for. Hence why they are all my bridesmaids!

I love this picture of our night out, completely off the cuff, Gemma's boyfriend grabbed the camera, we huddled round and when he said cheese we each just struck a pose not knowing what the others were doing. It really is a true reflection of our relationship with each other and our attitudes on life...don't spend too long thinking or standing still-just get on with it and have a flippin good laugh while you do.

Girls, I love you, never change.


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