Friday, 15 November 2013

Say What?

Came across this video on YouTube the other day and just had to share it.

Some of these made me laugh out loud. Who'd have thought there could be so many variations of how people pronounce a brand name. 

The truth is, I'm sure we ALL have at least once brand name or designer that trips us up. Mine for years was 'Bvlgari' but in my defence it was simply because my ,mind couldn't process the 'v' in the middle of the word. Oh sweet innocence!

What names do you stumble over?


Friday, 1 November 2013

It's probably about time to start getting excited for this.

The House of Peroni is due to open it's doors for the first time on Portland Place in London on the 6th November.
The House claims to be in it's own words the home of the new wave of Italian style and creativity. Featuring Michelin-starred chefs, a world renowned mixologist, award winning film directors, cutting edge fashion designers and a host of artists and collaborators.

Italian Vogue photographer Miles Aldridge has created this stunning image, based on the 1963 film by Federico Fellini; "8 1/2" to launch the House, using Italian Model Lorena Manelli. Manelli wears the latest collection by Italian designer Antonio Marras with accessories by Simone Rainer. 

Of the campaign, Aldridge says:

“I have long been inspired by Italian film, especially the movies of Fellini; I jumped at the chance to convert my fascination with Italian fashion into this image, bringing to life this fascinatingly strange and beautiful woman and am thrilled the final version of the image will be showcased at The House of Peroni.”

The House is essentially a showcase of Italian film, pop culture and fashion. Featuring two bars, its own cinema and a selection of ticketed and non-ticketed events, there is a lot to get involved with. Create your own bespoke scent as guided by a professional perfumier or join the Supper Club to taste the evolution of contemporary and traditional Italian cuisine. 

With so much culture to offer under one roof throughout the month of November and the opportunity to discover some new wave Italian Designers such as Arthur Arbessa and Fabio Quaranta, The House of Peroni is the one stop shop for all things Italian this autumn. 


Friday, 4 October 2013

Clarins Overload

Haven't had a Clarins splurge in quite a while and decided to stock up my beauty cabinet before winter sets in and I start feeling the stresses of the cold weather on my skin.

I have to be honest, there really is no better time to fill your boots on your favourite beauty brand than when they have a give-away going on. Some of these products were a gift with purchase, and you could also find a similar sort of give-away on the Clarins website this Autumn.

I had a slight moment of panic back in the spring when news on the grapevine was that my favourite moisturiser, HydraQuench Lotion, was to be discontinued. However, my fears were allayed when summer arrived and with it came the re-launch of the SOS hydration treatment. Personally, I can't really tell the difference, and am guessing it was just a chance for Clarins to modify the packaging slightly, as they have with the boxes of all the other products. However, I 'aint complaining, it's back in my beauty cabinet and therefore I am happy.

The Gentle Foaming Cleanser has been the lifesaver to my acne-prone skin for the last five years and now I don't know how I'd live without it. However, I could live without the ever increasing price. This used to be a mere £14 when I first started buying it in 2009. VAT increase aside, this has now gone up to a whopping £18 per bottle which brings it almost into unafford-ability territory, but I said that about petrol when it up past a pound a litre and I'm still buying that.

As for the rest, the HydraQuench Cream-Mask is a glorious treat for the face once a week and the Moisture Rich Body Lotion is great for everyday use. I've yet to sample some of the give-away items and perhaps I'll find them much of a muchness, but for me Clarins really is a superior brand and there's been few products in the range that I haven't got on well with so I'm sure I wont be disappointed.

Happy weekend people - TGIF!


Thursday, 5 September 2013

Flashin' the Cash vs Guilt Free Shopping when it comes to interior decorating;

Tripod Lamps: Occa £218 vs Habitat £45

A fashionable statement can be made in any home; for those less daring and shorter on change, stick to the Habitat table lamp as a minor soft furnishing.

Chalkboards: The White Company £200 vs Black Chalkboard Paint, Homebase £11.99 per 750ml tin. Image via.

Black chalkboard paint is readily available in most DIY stores and is great for two reasons; it can transform almost any surface into a chalkboard, and it allows you to choose your design; be as creative or as conservative as you like with it.

World Map Wall Prints: £254.99 for 112 x 98cm vs Not on the High Street £29.99

Opt for traditional styling to add a hint of worldly wise globe trotting or keep it simple with wall transfer silhouettes, in your choice of colour and complete with little dots you can position in various travel hotspots.

Cushions: Made £40 vs Dunelm Mill £3.99

A touch of country can go a long way. Add a cosy feel to your favourite chair this winter whatever your budget.


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Le sigh. Ok, so I'll never look like J Alb, but I like her outfit here. Make a take on it...

Blazer; £39.99 at Mango
Sunglasses; £225 by Miu Miu
Jeans; £116 at House of Fraser


Monday, 8 July 2013

Hotter, Younger, Cooler...

The intrigue of seeing this logo about town, on Instagram and Facebook over the last couple of weeks spiked my interest enough to go down to the launch party on Thursday night. I wanted to know; what is HYC and am I it? 

My friend Britainy Rae, a former London-based events planner and exhibition curator, has collaborated with her friend Katei Rose, a fashion designer with her own label 'KR' to bring the HYC brand to Rye, East Sussex much to the interest of the locals.

I was really pleasantly surprised with the whole concept. The 'Hotter, Younger, Cooler' boutique offers a real injection of pop culture and couture to a town distinctly lacking in exactly that. Don't get me wrong, Rye is beautiful and the main thing that makes it unique is that it doesn't hold host to your average high street stores or  franchises, but my first impression of the boutique situated by the Landgate was that it actually wouldn't look out of place in Hastings Old Town, or the Brighton Laines. 

With over twenty five designers, HYC has been beautifully merchandised and presents a mixture of up and coming London designers with local artisans and customised denims and t-shirts. Britainy herself is inspired by nineties prints (who can blame her) and the boutique is filled from floor to ceiling with vintage goodies and treasures making it feel as much like an Aladdin's cave as a children's toy shop.

The leather handbags (a personal fave) are all designed by Katei Rose and are all uniquely lined in chintz, while the T-shirts and customised denims were created by Britainy.

With the ladies and men's apparel retailing around twenty pounds a piece, the prices are affordable, but be warned you will be lucky if you can just walk out with a pretty dress. The high ticket items are largely the vintage pieces of furniture, and the stunning jewellery designed by Milena Kovanovic (pictured below) which also currently sells in Libertys.
The beauty of HYC is that the girls have cleverly taken advantage of all the local talent. They are offering an outlet for friends family alike to show off their handmade cushions, their vintage furniture, or their photography skills with framed prints of the local area. It really does show how lucky we locals are to live in such a unique little corner of the world, as proven by the amount of international tourists who holiday here every single year.
Pictured; Katei Rose (left) and Britainy Rae.
Pictured; Britainy and I
The HYC pop-up shop is set to be in Rye for around three months, when the girls will decide on a more permanent location to set up. And now I know what it's all about, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who are HYC than me, but hit it up, see what you think. 


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Things I think I really need right now...

1. Marc Jacobs watch
2. Hermes bangle
3. Alexander McQueen Ring
4. Handbag Republic Clutch
5. O.P.I nail varnish
6. Chloé boots

The End.


Monday, 24 June 2013

Hastings College of Arts & Technology  has always been an institute that I've held quite close to my heart, not because I studied there, but because my brother studied there. Being that there is quite an age gap between my brother and I, I remember being little more than a twelve year old when I discovered his world at this college while he was studying for his BTEC Diploma in fashion design. He was preparing his final collection for his end of year catwalk show in the summer of 1999, and I had volunteered to be one of his models on the catwalk. Skipping school was all part of the fun for me, and I spent the best part of a week at the college with him practising the choreography, trying on the outfits, and more importantly, meeting all the other budding young fashion designers. They were among some of the most interesting people I'd ever met, and as a twelve year old, some of the coolest too. Naturally I thought everything they said, did, or created was wonderful. 

Fourteen years later, I found a friend at work who used to be the head of the art department at the college. In recent years the college was moved to a new location on Station Plaza, and is a really modern piece of architecture. It has improved the landscape of the Plaza tenfold, and I was both intrigued and excited when my friend invited me along to view the work of the students who were nearing the end of their course as my brother was, all those years ago. This was their showcase, so you'd expect a pretty good standard of work but I was absolutely astounded at just how high that standard was when I arrived there on Friday night. This wasn't just a kid idolising the every move of a bunch of seventeen and eighteen year olds, this was a twenty something woman who couldn't believe the raw talent of kids 10 years younger than her. And I was so pleased that was the case.

Natasha Nugent, Fda Fashion Design; 'Restrained Restriction'

Both Above; Kerry Blackford, Fda fashion design; 'Nature's Making'

Amelia Thompson, Fda Fashion Design; 'Composed Decomposition'

Sam Lewis (pictured), Extended Level 3 Diploma, Fashion & Clothing; 'The Lion King'

Rose Lewandowski, Fda Fashion Design; 'Su, un Po'di Fantasia'

Fair to say that from the selection of photo's I snapped above that all the students here have produced truly excellent work, my absolute personal favourites that could've drawn tears to my eyes at the thought that I can't buy these things (yet) were Kerry Blackford's 'Nature's Making' collection, which was conceptualised by the idea of mother nature fusing with attitude through the medium of dress. Inspired and invigorated by the fairy folk and the environment where they dwell, as described by Kerry-this whole collection was right up my street. The other collection that in my opinion wouldn't look out of place on the runway at London Fashion Week was Rose Lewandowski's collection above; 'Su, un Po'di Fantasia' which translates exactly to 'Come on, a little imagination'...Well first of all; the snake skin shorts and the faux fur gilet....get on me now. 

I wish all the students the very best of luck in the future and thank you for bringing back some very happy memories for me. One thing I should mention is that my brother having graduated from this college fourteen years ago is now designing football kits for Nike in The Netherlands. So quite frankly, I think you'd be a fool not to watch this space, you could be looking at some of the next big names in fashion.


Friday, 21 June 2013

Follow the music...

Brand new inspiration for the upcoming festival season. All pictures via Free People. Simply amazing.

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