Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Can we all just take a second to die over the new Melabelle collection for winter '12 please?
Yesterday I headed up to Portobello Road with Ellie to check out the launch of the new collection and actually just generally have a bit of a nose at what was going down.

I was really impressed with the story behind this brand. Bella Cager founded Melabelle independently just two years ago, and even though this is only the second AW collection, it appears to have been generally very well received in the fashion industry. 

This was really one of those strong, capsule collections that meant I could quite literally buy every single piece and wear something every single day. I'm not a 'trendy' girl; personally I like to invest in 'wear again-and-agains' and that is how I would describe the AW range from Melabelle. Subtle colours, floaty and flattering shapes aside, the two things I adored most?
1. The beautiful fabrics, featuring a lot of wool and silk and 2. The signature print.

For me, the significance of a print defines the brand, and I loved the story behind how this beautiful design came about.
Bella told me that her Grandmother Thora had inspired her new collection due to her impeccable style. When I asked her how she came up with the idea for the 'dalton' dancer print, she told me that the print actually kind of, 'found' her; when she found an envelope dating back to 1955 which had been sent to her grandmother from her sister, and happened to be full of these charming silhouettes. That is literally the cutest thing I've ever heard. And seriously, look. at. it. That top can just get on me now.

Bella Cager is a friendly and accommodating woman, proud to showcase her designs and happy to discuss the inspirations behind them. 

So if you were thinking sweet baby jesus where can I get my mitts on some of that, get yourself over to Melabelle. The pop-up shop is at 102 Portobello Road until the end of the month, and I may also add that they have some one off samples going if you get there quick enough.

And if you fancy getting your groove on with some free stuff, email in to and let them know how you discovered Melabelle (cough, me) with your name and address. The winner will get £200 to spend on their website.

Thanks to Bella, and Katie Gwyn (communications director) and to my bud Ellie, who I should probably apologise to for the completely unnecessary walk we had around Notting Hill.   



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