Friday, 10 August 2012

I am a bit of a self confessed beauty junkie. I ran out of primer the other day and decided it was time to try something new. Sometimes I question why I ever started using primer in the first place (does it really do anything...?!) but sadly I am now addicted and even more so now that I've bought this one by Mac:

It is a clear serum that smooths, firms and rejuvenates the skin before you apply make up and it really does feel wonderful.

You may also remember that I bought a new nail colour a while back, and since I was loving it so much, I decided at the same time as buying the primer to invest in a little stick of colour match to go with it:

The colour is Up The Amp and it is part of Mac's amplified range of lipsticks. I have had one before (St Germain) and I love how stand out and durable they are. I've already received plenty of compliments on the new colour. Good choices!

So here we are at the weekend again, enjoy it everyone! I'm gonna have a chilled one after last weekend, so plenty of film watching and wine sipping. Happy days.


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