Monday, 4 June 2012

Just lately my fiancé and I have been trying to make our little house a home. We've been here since last July, but with the excitement of moving in, then a holiday in Turkey, Amsterdam and Bruges and then finally, Christmas, we only decided to really start working on our new project in the new year.

So far we have managed to get a lot of wallpapering done inside the house, and bought a lot of new soft furnishings such as photo frames, vases and a a whole new set of curtains. However, I have to give full credit to my fiancé and his parents for the work completed in our garden.

This is the first time I've ever had a proper garden, and am so happy that I now have one I can enjoy, thanks to a lot of painting, lawn mowing and digging up of stuff, we now have a lovely area to sit outside for our summer bbq's with friends. And the cherry on the cake is this wonderful invention, bought as a gift for me by my mum last weekend to make the patio area really special.

The butterfly lights come with a solar powered battery pack which stores up the energy from the sun during the day and causes them to light up as the sun is setting.
They really do showcase the garden in a really unique and environmentally friendly way.

You can buy the lights from Lakeland for £21.99. 

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