Thursday, 22 November 2012

Some beautiful imagery from the long awaited Free People UK website (yay!)...

How magical.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hello, Kitty! 

I had a mini heart attack when these liberty print tins of assorted Hello Kitty plasters arrived from Head Office in store today. Sadly we are not selling them online, but you can pick up some similar ones at Urban Outfitters

So nice to have in your handbag, and too adorable for words. I imagine it may turn into 'any excuse to put one on'. These are my definite crush this week. Meow.


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Not usually one to jump on the bandwagon of raving about some hotshot brand or designer bringing something new to our attention because to be honest, I don't think they need any help from the blogging community to advertise or promote their creations.

Here comes my big fat however.....THIS was just too good to be true. Of course I'm sure that everyone in the world knows about this already, so let me say that this post is just plain ole' me doing a massive "Errr ma God....I think this is literally the best thing that has ever happened in the history of the world, EVER"

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your entire life?

This my dears, is nothing short of the Holy Grail. The very meaning of a woman's life, well OK, my life. Christian Louboutin has designed THE Cinderella shoe commissioned by Disney itself to celebrate the re-release of the film on blu-ray this autumn. 

First of all, as a self confessed Disney loving girl, the very idea of someone designing a real-life glass slipper is almost too much, but to know that the red-bottom loving Louboutin himself was doing it.....well, thank you so much.

The only down-side? The wily wizard has only created twenty pairs. Twenty. Did you hear my voice crack and my heart simultaneously break? The worst part is that they're not even available to buy. Well Loubi, what was the flippin' point?

Le sigh. At least he brought the magic back into my life and I can simply stare at them in amazed wonderment. And I suppose I could always cheer myself up with a little trip to Harrods next month, who are apparently running with the Disney Princess theme as part of their Christmas campaign this year. I suppose it'll have to do!


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

For the risk of becoming an old woman long before I'm due, I generally tend to avoid the tempting lure of Cath Kidston stores. Look, I KNOW the stuff is awesome, I KNOW every girl wishes her house was full of the floral delights and quintessentially British designs of this wonderful brand, but seriously, I'm gonna save it until I'm forty, living alone and probably a crazy cat lady. I fully embrace the day. Until then, I am fully satisfied with my one and only purchase from my dear Cath, in the form of £8 worth of hand cream.

Cath Kidston Wild Rose Hand Cream is more than money well spent for me. Despite the fact that it last for actual ever, it has a rather reminiscent vibe to it.
A few years ago, a work colleague bought this for me as my Secret Santa. I used it like there was no tomorrow, now whenever I smell it all I can think of is the happy times I had over the Christmas of 2010.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Can we all just take a second to die over the new Melabelle collection for winter '12 please?
Yesterday I headed up to Portobello Road with Ellie to check out the launch of the new collection and actually just generally have a bit of a nose at what was going down.

I was really impressed with the story behind this brand. Bella Cager founded Melabelle independently just two years ago, and even though this is only the second AW collection, it appears to have been generally very well received in the fashion industry. 

This was really one of those strong, capsule collections that meant I could quite literally buy every single piece and wear something every single day. I'm not a 'trendy' girl; personally I like to invest in 'wear again-and-agains' and that is how I would describe the AW range from Melabelle. Subtle colours, floaty and flattering shapes aside, the two things I adored most?
1. The beautiful fabrics, featuring a lot of wool and silk and 2. The signature print.

For me, the significance of a print defines the brand, and I loved the story behind how this beautiful design came about.
Bella told me that her Grandmother Thora had inspired her new collection due to her impeccable style. When I asked her how she came up with the idea for the 'dalton' dancer print, she told me that the print actually kind of, 'found' her; when she found an envelope dating back to 1955 which had been sent to her grandmother from her sister, and happened to be full of these charming silhouettes. That is literally the cutest thing I've ever heard. And seriously, look. at. it. That top can just get on me now.

Bella Cager is a friendly and accommodating woman, proud to showcase her designs and happy to discuss the inspirations behind them. 

So if you were thinking sweet baby jesus where can I get my mitts on some of that, get yourself over to Melabelle. The pop-up shop is at 102 Portobello Road until the end of the month, and I may also add that they have some one off samples going if you get there quick enough.

And if you fancy getting your groove on with some free stuff, email in to and let them know how you discovered Melabelle (cough, me) with your name and address. The winner will get £200 to spend on their website.

Thanks to Bella, and Katie Gwyn (communications director) and to my bud Ellie, who I should probably apologise to for the completely unnecessary walk we had around Notting Hill.   



Sunday, 16 September 2012

My lovely friend from work, Emilia, is getting married in a very scary three weeks time at this lovely little farm in Groombridge near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. We found out they were holding a vintage wedding fair there this Sunday and decided to go along with another friend, Zsuza. 

I've never been to a wedding fair before and this was a lovely place to pop my cherry-not all exhibition halls, bright lights and the dreaded sales people. Just an artsy, crafty, vintage theme, very small and friendly and not too much to take in, which was good because my head was still a mess from the night before (one too many drinks...)

I loved these beautiful, hand painted plaques by Painted With Love, which can be personalised to suit whatever you need for the big day. They also had pretty little plaques for the bridesmaids which came in a gift box and I thought were a really nice idea as a keepsake item.

This I just had to get a picture of, there's something about vintage inspired decorations and designs that make girls go crazy. I could literally just look at pretty things all day long. This beautiful stand belonged to the lovely Pippa Ward, the Events & PR Manager at Pop Creative Food, who hand make all of their delicious food for wedding catering. Two things to say about this; if their food is anything near as good as the (cough) two truffles I ate from the stand, then there's going to be a whole lot of happy wedding guests, and secondly, their package includes the cutlery, which is quite frankly divine.

Yay! This is my lovely friend Ellie, who had a stand at the fair to promote her make-up artistry. Ellie has done the make up on some pretty amazing shoots, including for Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Her friend Kat (right) came to help, and made some pretty darn amazing cupcakes. I know this because..le sigh...I ate one. Om. View Ellie's gallery here.

For those who haven't noticed, I am a pretty massive fan of cupcakes, but more importantly, cupcakes that look too good to eat. I am planning on having cupcakes under my cake on the big day, and I was pretty much blown away by how awesome these babies looked. Vintage Rose Cupcakes is a company based in Royal Tunbridge Wells and all the cupcakes are hand crafted by one super lady, Alexandra Harding. Hats off to you my dear.

I think it is fair to say that this is every girl's dream right here-pretty, floral crockery that you will probably want to keep forever, but failing that, you can have yourself some of this for your special day by contacting Clair at Alice and the Teacup. Quite honestly, I'm thinking about holding myself a random tea party just so I can have this stuff in my house, or a baby shower for my friend, or a Thursday afternoon...

Nothing says vintage quite like a distressed drawer full of ivory and pastel pink roses. The only thing I am sure of about my wedding, (apart from the groom hopefully) is that I want to have these kinds of flowers in my bouquet. Elegant, simplistic and understated, the romantic notion of roses like this just fills me with some kind of emotion. I would pick off all the petals afterwards chanting 'He loves me...he loves me not' and keep them in a chintzy little jar on my dressing table forever after. If you like what you see here, check out Florist in the Forest.

Personally I am a minimalist when it comes to embellishment, but I admit to being a magpie when it comes to being drawn in by these kinds of things. I love to look, and admire, and I do love shiny things. Snow Jewels has some amazing tiaras and hair pieces, and this is what interested me, as I think finding that all important 'finishing touch' can be crucial to the entire look.

The coolest thing I've ever seen-the wedding car bug! Bridal Bug Weddings hire out all manor of VWs for the day, but it is this retro camper van that does it for me. Getting past the free champagne and down to it, practically, it holds six people, and aesthetically well, it ticks all of my fun boxes. The guy had me at champagne. :)

All in all, I have decided on two things for certain after my day. One; I love all things vintage and vintage inspired. Everything from the colours, the richness to it and the elegance of everything sucked me in and has threatened to become all consuming. Two; I actually enjoyed the fair, it wasn't altogether too scary being called a bride and if I'm being completely honest, regardless of whether I was getting married or not, I think I'd go to these things anyway. It could become like some kind of weird and wonderful hobby of mine, to be surrounded by wonderful beautiful amazing things. Anyway, I think I've said enough! 

Happy Sundays, I do not have to work for the coming week, so very happy days indeed.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

I just discovered a new little nail trick that I have got myself all excited about and had to share. As usual I am guessing this is a trend I'm probably the last person to find out about (so god knows how many years they've actually been around) but the other day I noticed my work colleague Emilia had some really pretty designs on her nails that looked like they'd been done in a professional salon.

She brightened up my day on Monday when she said she'd been to Brighton and while she was out had picked me up a pack of the form of Revlon Nail Lace Stickers.

The simple technique is simply to peel one of the stickers off the plastic sheet, apply it to your nail, then overlay it with a coat of clear nail varnish. I couldn't believe how easy it was to achieve such a pretty and professional result:

There are two different colours and four different designs, and I like that you can mix the colours up, or as I have done here, only apply one or two to each hand-whatever you do it looks great.

I was only trying them out today, but I can't wait for a special occasion where I can showcase these bad boys!


Friday, 10 August 2012

I am a bit of a self confessed beauty junkie. I ran out of primer the other day and decided it was time to try something new. Sometimes I question why I ever started using primer in the first place (does it really do anything...?!) but sadly I am now addicted and even more so now that I've bought this one by Mac:

It is a clear serum that smooths, firms and rejuvenates the skin before you apply make up and it really does feel wonderful.

You may also remember that I bought a new nail colour a while back, and since I was loving it so much, I decided at the same time as buying the primer to invest in a little stick of colour match to go with it:

The colour is Up The Amp and it is part of Mac's amplified range of lipsticks. I have had one before (St Germain) and I love how stand out and durable they are. I've already received plenty of compliments on the new colour. Good choices!

So here we are at the weekend again, enjoy it everyone! I'm gonna have a chilled one after last weekend, so plenty of film watching and wine sipping. Happy days.


Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sweet baby Jesus I had the most amazing cocktail in the world the other day. We were in Browns (see week in pictures here) and after perusing the cocktail 'menu' for nearly half an hour, I finally decided what I wanted. Tough choices!

I decided to try a Coconut Daiquiri, given my insane love for coconut, and flip, it was delicious. It's made using white and coconut rum, lime juice and sugar syrup. The lime juice just added the twist it needed to keep it from tasting too much like a watery Pina Colada, and the sugar syrup gave it a nice consistancy.

I'd hate to be one of those people that always walk into a restaurant and order the same thing to eat, but somehow, with drinks.....I think it's OK :)

Ahhhh Happy days. :)


Monday, 23 July 2012

Pictures from the latest lookbook by Twenty8Twelve

The aw12 collection is smart and slick, but with a feminine edge, which basically means I want it all. It probably doesn't hurt that this model's hair is so flippin awesome I may get out the hairspray tomorrow. See the rest here.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Talking with my friend the other day, we realised how much change we have both seen in the last 10-15 years of our lives. I'm not talking massive, life changing events, but more over the little things that growing up, people tend to forget. 

I'm not gonna lie, it made me feel old.

Still, it was fun to remember all the things we had growing up. 
We remembered:

  • Slam door trains
  • When Morrisons used to be Safeway
  • Lucky Charms cereal
  • When Ashford used to be a one way road system
  • When you paid for things using a credit or debit card and they had to swipe it with a carbon copy stamp
  • Later on, when you still had to sign for things bought using a credit or debit card
  • Woolworths (or Wooly's as we used to call it)
  • When passport photo's used to come out in a strip and each one was slightly different
  • When certain TV channels had nothing on and they displayed a picture of a girl with a chalkboard until the next programme started
  • The original Nintendo's with games like the original Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong and you had to push a big chunky game cartridge into the machine
  • Beta Max videos
  • VHS videos!
  • Walkmans
  • Jolly Rancher sweets
  • Using road maps to go on a long journey and following road signs for a short journey
The funniest thing is that a lot of this stuff was going on when I was in my late teens, and both my friend and I didn't have a mobile phone until we were about fifteen. It's funny to think back even just seven or eight years about how things were, and how things have changed without us even realising it.

What do you remember from the dark ages?!


Monday, 4 June 2012

Look at this wonderful invention, bought as a gift for me by my mum last weekend to make my patio area really special.

The butterfly lights come with a solar powered battery pack which stores up the energy from the sun during the day and causes them to light up as the sun is setting.
They really do showcase the garden in a really unique and environmentally friendly way.

You can buy the lights from Lakeland for £21.99. 

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